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Clippers continue to struggle on the road with loss to Atlanta posted on 12/28/2014

The Clippers lost their fifth straight road game Tuesday, falling 107-104 to the Atlanta Hawks.

“I was hoping I was going to get to tell you something different tonight…We should’ve won this game.” Chris Paul told reporters.

The should-haves are piling up for the Clippers with only 29 games into the season, each night, a different culprit seemingly getting in the way of a breakthrough.

In Denver on Friday, the Clippers should’ve won, it was a total lack of defensive consistency. Tuesday, it was a combination of too much fouling and the inevitable fatigue from a treacherous stretch of games.

“It’s always something,” Blake Griffin said. “It’s something small, something that we have to change, something that we have to do better that ends up kind of messing us up.”

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Los Angeles Clippers Preseason Report 2014 posted on 09/19/2014

Los Angeles Clippers were not considered the best league team, but they managed to come on top of the sub-contenders of Western Conference, with the exception of Spurs and Thunder. They showed good potential and were considered a contender when their defense started improving during the 2013-14 season. JJ Redick also got back in shape, which improved their chances considerably. However, during the playoffs, the incident with Sterling took its toll and the team faltered.

The Los Angeles Clippers had to usher in the offseason without knowing who was going to be the team owner, and whether drastic steps were required to remove Sterling. However, even with all the things that happened, the team developed a good chemistry, which was quite surprising. DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffing now seem more mature and even Chris Paul has learnt to trust these two players.

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