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I am 23 years old, graduated from California State University, Northridge in Spring of 2007 as a Business Administration Major. I am a server at a restaurant and I also have my real estate with that I also do mortgages. On my free time I like to go to the gym, play basketball, watch basketball, and follow my Clippers! :-)

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Was the win against the Memphis Grizzlies really a good win? posted on 12/15/2007
Is it me or was that NOT a good win last night? I mean I am so not trying to be negative, but a team that is without its star player (Pau Gasol) and the game is so close kind of worries me. We are 9-13 today and now the season REALLY begins. What do I mean by that? The teams the Los Angele Clippers are facing now are winning teams...

The Memphis Grizzlies are one of the worst teams in the NBA right down with Minnesota was very hard for me to see the Clippers not blow them out...nonetheless, it was a win....

Tim Thomas - Is he available for Sunday Night's game against the Lakers?
Quinton Ross - Great to see him back on the floor! (Kobe Stopper!)
Richie Frahm - Loved how he got in the game and was always in motion...he will help this team!

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Advice to Dunleavy? Los Angeles Clippers Team? posted on 12/14/2007
Brand/Livingston are out. Maggette/Mobley are playing hurt. Thornton has a bad ankle. Ross has a bad back. Tim Thomas is having problems hitting the 3 point shot...AND THEN YOU LET PATTERSON GO?...BLAH BLAH BLAH....

Patterson being released is a very shrewd business move on the Clippers side. He had a NON-Guaranteed contract...and although he helped the team, he hasn't helped the team where they are hurting most....POINTS!...He is not a scorer...only reason is PPG went up last year was because everyone on the Bucks was injured and he had to take over...

I just think they are not playing with any intensity and leadership is to blame...whether it is the coach or the player who is playing the best. Chris Kaman is having his best year in the NBA....Unfortunately he is NOT a LEADER....Corey Maggette needs to be a vocal part of this team as well as Elton Brand...yes EB! He may be injured, but he is still a Clipper...He is the team Captain and he needs to speak up and get this team pumped up on a nightly basis...2nd...Dunleavy...he needs to figure out matchups...Dan Dickau needs to start....or at least start the 3rd quarter (where the team is struggling to score)...and instead of using Dickau as only a facilitator, he should be used a 3pt weapon or even a driving to the hole weapon. Dickau proved himself when he took over for Baron Davis as a Hornet...the kid can play and can hit the 3!....No doubt in my mind the starting 5 at this point should be: Dickau, Maggette, Thornton, Thomas, Kaman....and then you have Mobley be your 6th man....he is willing to come off the bench and he can be dangerous....With the addition of Frahm this team is going to spread the floor even more for his numbers go up as well....

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